Architecture Services

Amber Creations is a name synonym to the leading architects in Kolkata. A kolkata based architecture firm, Amber Creations has earned a crown as an architect who is simply well versed in the field. The company comprises of a group of architects, interior designers, builders who operate within the realms of modern architecture. They believe that design is committed to creating positive built spaces with value engineering towards selection & use of building materials & a correct balance of design brief, location & budgetary cost of the project. With their dedicated efforts they have leveraged the company to newer heights by successfully completed a number of projects in the city.

The attention that the group of architects gives to the intricate details of every architectural project it handles is simply unparalleled. This is what gives the company a leading edge over its competitors and scale it as architects with par excellence quality services.

We provide

  • Concept Planning
  • Architectural design services
  • Virtual 3D rendering
  • Material Selections & Finishes
  • Assist in Statutory Approvals
  • Coordination with all other service consultants likes PHE, HVAC, Electrical, Fire, Structure
  • Quality Checking
Architecture Services by the Company